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Community partnerships act as a mission multiplier, extending our scope of programming to those in need.

GIENC® has had a presence in local and regional communities for decades. As a broker of conversations, GIENC is committed to providing employment, education, and life enrichment opportunities for all. Partnering with other organizations that share our values, ethics, and desire to serve provides opportunities for a diversity of thought, innovative solutions to social issues, and greater impact within our communities. Below are community partners we currently support through grants, programming, and direct services.

Families Moving Forward helps families in the crisis of homelessness find their way home. They provide temporary housing, case management, skills education, and connection to community resources to help parents and children thrive in stable homes.
The Carying Place teaches homeless families with children life skills for attaining independent living while providing short-term housing and support services to address their individual needs.
A Place at the Table Cafe provides community and good food for all, regardless of means. They strive to be a place that breaks walls and barriers between people of different economic class, generations, race, and spiritual backgrounds.
Living with Autism works to provide the highest quality of person-centered services to the individuals and families they serve. They enhance independence through life skills, vocational training, community integration, and recreational opportunities. They offer person-centered programs with individual and group support.
Ship Community Outreach builds relationships with and supports individuals experiencing severe poverty, hunger, and hopelessness in southeast Raleigh and beyond. They provide 3,000 people/month in Wake County with free groceries, clothing, and medical screenings; offer free employment classes for those impacted by gangs, and operate an initiative that helps trafficked women find freedom.
The Performance Learning Center is a small, non-traditional high school geared toward students who are not succeeding in a traditional school setting. The PLC creates a business-like learning environment where students complete assignments using an online computer-based curriculum with the assistance of licensed classroom teachers.
The Family Resource Center South Atlantic delivers effective and quality services for Wake, Durham, and surrounding communities providing prevention and intervention services to strengthen families and communities. FRCSA has solidified its standing as a dedicated leader by developing, implementing, and evaluating programs designed to help individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency.
Esteamed Coffee is a 501(c)(3) non-profit coffee shop in Cary, NC, that employs individuals with various disabilities, most of whom have never been given a meaningful employment opportunity. They strive to connect people in a purposeful, intentional community that enriches the lives of their employees and patrons through fellowship in a warm, welcoming environment.
TheGifted Arts is a youth elevation and performing arts organization that uplifts and artistically trains young people within a culture that values identity, purpose, leadership, and confidence. They strongly believe in the power of intention — that with racial and social justice and liberated black and brown communities, youth will magnify their personal power.
United Service Organization North Carolina supports military servicemen and servicewomen in the state of North Carolina. Eleven percent of active U.S. military forces call North Carolina home. With seven major military installations, North Carolina has the fourth largest demographic of active and reserve duty components in the country.
Vino makes software easy. Their composable application platform stitches together WebAssembly building blocks into full applications that run anywhere.
"We are so thankful for our partnership with Goodwill. Goodwill is so much more than a thrift store and I challenge each of you to get to know their programs, their team, and the missions they support. They not only show up often to support our pay-what-you-can cafe, but their generosity has allowed us to sustain our mission and grow various programs. They have made many things possible for our staff & volunteers and are excited to see how our teams continue to work together. We love love love the Goodwill folks and can't wait to see all they continue to do to support this community."
Maggie K, A Place at the Table
"Our partnership with Goodwill has been so powerful and pivotal to our growth! Goodwill has created good job opportunities for the students in our employment classes, provided resources to improve our free fitness center, and has fueled our food outreaches through the funding of our new Bread of Life truck! Goodwill’s heart for the community is beating strongly through their support of Ship Community Outreach and many other grass-root community organizations!"
Aleece S, Ship Community Outreach
"I used to think of Goodwill as the storefront for used goods. Wow… they are so much more! They have a genuine interest in helping the communities they serve. We experienced this with the school supplies that they provided for our homeless children and their support of the transitional housing for working homeless families. They have also offered employment and training to our families which has a major impact on their ability to move from homelessness to becoming self-sustaining. Together, we are exploring exciting opportunities to help many more. This is an outstanding partnership and we are very grateful."
Carolyn H, The Carying Place

Does your vision of community transformation align with ours? Are you interested in becoming a mission investor? From hosting a donation drive to providing program grants, there are several ways that your organization can partner with GIENC. We are always open to a conversation, especially when it means providing more employment, educational, and life enrichment opportunities for our local and regional communities.

Community Initiatives

Serving individuals and communities where they are.

Food Distribution

NC is the 10th hungriest state in the US, with 1 in 5 children and 1 in 10 seniors experiencing food insecurity. Through partnerships with Food Lion and similar organizations, GIENC will distribute $5000 worth of gift cards and $15000 worth of food to those in need. If you'd like to help, bring any non-perishable food to your local Goodwill, and we will make sure it goes to someone in need.


We collect, process, and sell donated clothing, and we support community partners through the purchase and distribution of new clothing for youth. Essential to the concept of dignity and respect for all, GIENC has provided children combating homelessness with much-needed shoes, undergarments, school outfits, and coats. We continue to work with organizations to establish and stock sustainable clothing closets.

Assistive Technologies

GIENC is proud to support Living with Autism in its mission to provide a comprehensive, person-centered program for adults with autism by providing recreational equipment and 3D printed assets like job aids and communication tools.

School & Hygiene Kits

Youth face a number of barriers to successful learning.” Food insecurity, homelessness, and lack of adequate resources to purchase needed supplies present unique barriers to education. One way in which GIENC steps into that gap is through the building and distribution of school kits. Each kit is designed to address the needs of each student, showing them that GIENC and the community at large supports their education. Recipients of school kits have included: Elizabeth City Middle School, River Road Middle School, HL Trigg Community School, Haliwa-Saponi Tribal School, Townsend Middle School, Luther Nick Jeralds Middle School, Rochelle Middle School, Dillard Middle School, Wayne Middle/High Academy, Vance County Middle School, AdVance Academy, The Boys and Girls Club of Oxford, Elizabeth City Council.

Hygiene kits represent another way in which GIENC serves others where they are. Working with community partners, GIENC has curated a kit that provides essentials to address basic hygiene needs. Kits are assembled in GIENC’s Volunteer Center and then distributed directly to individuals or through community partners.

Science, Technology, and Art Labs

A basic understanding of science, technology, and art is essential for job seekers and students alike. GIENC will be building several state-of-the-art labs in our communities where participants will explore and learn through hands-on activities like 3d printing, robotics, art, music, and more.

Technology Access Locations

Job seekers can face significant challenges navigating and accessing digital employment resources. We will be building Technology Access Locations for individuals to search for and apply for jobs. These will consist of computer terminals and stations for virtual interviews.


GIENC believes that community is wherever we are. The ability to facilitate projects that foster community engagement allows us to showcase the work we do while giving others the opportunity to volunteer in ways that make a difference locally and regionally. Engaged communities are the catalyst for greater social impact initiatives. From building flood buckets to school kits, our volunteer projects provide life enrichment opportunities for those that understand the intrinsic value of giving back through volunteerism. To learn more about volunteer opportunities at GIENC click here.

Resource Guides

Navigating government websites, signing up for services, and researching important topics can be confusing and stressful. Because of this, we design detailed resource guides for those who could use a helping hand.


Continuing Education Units

At GIENC, we believe that our community deserves access to high-quality, credit-bearing content they can put on a resume or use for CEU credit in their current field. Our engaging courses on are available for free to anyone interested in learning something new. We’ve launched the following courses:

We've created free tools on that teachers can use to build online lessons for their students.

Coming Soon - Science, Technology, and Art Labs

Work With Us

Interested in partnering with us? Have a new idea for CEU or Resource Guide Topics? Let us know!

Funding work that leads to a better tomorrow. We are in the business of creating long-lasting legacies for our communities in Eastern North Carolina and that begins with our partners. If you would like to participate in finding out how Goodwill can help empower your organization, please fill out the inquiry form below or email.

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