Accelerated Career Training Program

In collaboration with our community partners, our workforce development team created curricula designed to help Accelerated Career Training (ACT) participants reach their career goals. Using our expertly-crafted courses, our team delivers cohesive and accommodating in-person career training to individuals and organizations throughout Eastern North Carolina. With a 100% participant graduation rating for 2022, we are excited to announce that we are currently accepting inquiries for new participants for next year's cohorts! Let us know if you are interested in being a part of our growing ACT program!

In-person curriculum topics
  • Technology basics
  • Strength assessments
  • Utilizing strengths
  • Self/career exploration
  • Resume creation
  • Planning ahead
  • Customer service
  • Conflict resolution
  • Effective communication
  • Job applications
  • Interview preparation
  • Temp agencies
  • Work basics
  • Networking
  • Interview practice
  • Job searching with a record
  • Decision making
  • Motivation and self-regulation
  • Maintaining competitive employment
  • Self-employment
  • Online reputation
“The GEINC program has been a big help to me and my family... I was able to learn more about entrepreneurship and what was needed to take my business to the next level. They opened my mind to different possibilities while walking alongside me to help accomplish a few things needed to get me closer to my goal."
-Accelerated Career Training Participant
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Interested in our Accelerated Career Training program? Reach out for more information about becoming an ACT program participant in 2023.
Continuing Education Units

At GIENC, we believe that our community deserves access to high-quality, credit-bearing content they can put on a resume or use for CEU credit in their current field. Our engaging courses at are available for free to anyone interested in learning something new.

Published courses include:

  • Discussing Current Events in the Classroom
  • What is Pseudoscience?
  • What is an Intereste Rate?
  • How Are Percentages Used?
  • Supporting New Chromebook Users
  • Critical Thinking
  • Toybox 3D Printer User Guide
  • Meta Quest 2 User Guide provides users with an entirely free and secure way to create and share engaging multimodal lessons. Design, create, and share your own lesson and become an instructor, today!

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